Our Services

restoration and conservation

  • development and implementation of restoration concepts for:
  • Graphics
    Drawings, watercolors, gouaches, pastels, prints, posters

  • Book
    Leather, parchment and Tissue volumes, manuscripts, incunabula, early printed books, heirlooms, Machine-made printing, contemporary records, sheet music, children’s books, art books, catalogs

  • object art, 3D
    Scrolls, screens, sculptures and objects from paper, cardboard, paper mache globes

  • archives
    Documents from paper and parchment, seal, records, maps and charts

  • large and small formats
    Conservation Neumontierung for permanent presentation
    Conservation package for an object-oriented storage

    Scientific work / counseling

    • investigation of preservation and recording of damage
    • concept design for the restoration
    • documentation made ​​steps

      services on site

      • support of exhibitions and collections (state detection, object monitoring, implementation and monitoring of conservation appropriate exhibition and storage conditions)
      • emergency aid in cases of damage (help with rescue and first aid after fire, flood or other damaging events, damage assessment, concept development)
      • assessment and restoration of particularly sensitive or immobile objects on site