Rupprecht Geiger – Untitled

Artist Rupprecht Geiger
Object wallpainting at Ruhr university Bochum
Technique buoy luminous paint on plastered wall
Dimensions 2 walls each 9 × 3,35 m and 1 wall 5,05 × 3,35 m
Title untitled
Date 1975

Detailed shot: Left part of the wallpainting after treatment with the conservators Brüning and Schubert

Detailed shot: Centre part of the wallpainting. All parts showed losses, damage by knocking and abrasions, which were filled and retouched. Since the work was exposed to the public for 30 years it had to be cleaned as well.

Detailed shot: Right part of the wallpainting after the restoration.

After treatment- right part.
Centre part during treatment.
After treatment- left part.